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Calling all parents who believe in nurturing their children’s creativity and unleashing their inner stars! 

Introducing the Script to Summer Class – a golden opportunity for your children (ages 7 to 16) to dive into the magical world of acting and experience the thrill of bringing their own movie to life! 

Imagine your child stepping into the spotlight, gaining confidence, and discovering their unique talent for storytelling. In this dynamic and fun-filled summer class, they will learn the fundamentals of acting, explore character development, and ignite their imagination.

What sets this class apart is the incredible culmination at the end – your child will have the chance to star in their very own movie! They will work collaboratively with their newfound friends, experiencing the exhilaration of scriptwriting, and acting, and witnessing their ideas come alive on the big screen.

Here’s what your child can look forward to in the Script to Summer Class:

Acting fundamentals: From building stage presence to mastering expressive facial expressions, your child will learn the ABCs of acting and develop a strong foundation.

Character exploration: They will immerse themselves in the fascinating world of characters, exploring their motivations, emotions, and unique traits.

Scriptwriting basics: Your child will unleash their creativity as they learn the art of crafting compelling stories and dialogue, building the framework for their movie.

On-set experience: Guided by experienced instructors, they will step onto the set, understand the dynamics of shooting, and bring their scenes to life.

Empowerment and self-expression: Throughout the class, your child will gain self-confidence, improve communication skills, and learn the power of storytelling.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to discover their potential, make lifelong memories, and ignite their passion for creativity. The Script to Summer Class promises a transformative experience that will nurture their imagination and instill valuable skills for the future. Limited spots are available, so secure your child’s place by registering at [Registration Link]. Watch them shine as they take their first steps toward becoming a star!

Let’s make this summer an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and artistic expression!

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